Load Cells Manufacturers

AJT Equipment LTD is a family-owned company dedicated to providing high quality testing machinery.  We are particularly proud to be load cells manufacturers and a load cells supplier. We develop, design and build and it’s all manufactured here in our own UK facility. Accuway Loadcells have been fully designed by our AJT Equipment, using only British sourced materials and high standard manufacturing techniques.

Although we are based in the UK we are proud to be able to distribute our products worldwide, and have opened another site in Savannah, GA, USA.  Our efficiency, capability and passion has enabled us to become a leading supplier amongst other load cell companies, and we are recognised internationally for our quality which runs throughout each and every one of our products.

Accuway Loadcells

Accuway Loadcells are a unique design from AJT Equipment, designed and manufactured in the UK, but supplied to clients worldwide.  Our wireless load cells are one of the most trusted of their kind and with industry leading accuracy are used by lifting professionals all over the world.  As leading load cells manufacturers, we aim to provide load cells in as many variations of load cell capacity as we can, which is why our products are custom made, to ensure we can meet our customer’s exact requirements. Some key features of the Accuway Loadcells include their lightweight but hardwearing aluminium alloys, their accuracy which is better than 1% of the applied load, and the fact that they have been hermetically sealed to IP65 – which means they are fit for use in wet conditions.

In addition to this, all of our Accuway Loadcells are supplied with a durable and weatherproof aluminium carry case for ease of transportation.

Why choose AJT?

Operating since 1951, AJT have plenty of experience in manufacturing load cells to the highest standard. We have continuously expanded over the years, embracing new ideas and implementing new strategies into our business to continue being leading load cells manufacturers.

Our load cells are used in a variety of different sectors including the oil, gas, nuclear, marine, defence, automotive, aerospace and food processing industries.

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If you are interested in finding out more about our Accuway Loadcells, please call 01384 482848. Alternatively, you can visit our website at Load AJT Equipment Ltd.

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