Load Cell Working

Every year, AJT Equipment take on work experience students to come and work with us for a week. Work experience allows employers to provide a young person with a great experience, allowing them to build a platform for their future.
This week, we have partnered with local school, The Wordsley School. 
Students experience includes completing some basic office and/or shop floor tasks as well as learning and understanding the company’s work standards and policies. 
Young people benefit massively from a good quality work experience scheme. It helps them to break the cycle of ‘no work experience – no work’ and AJT is proud to be providing a good quality work opportunity that allows them to gain invaluable skills, helping them to tackle that first step into the workplace. 
We have found this to be a a great way to meet fresh minded, motivated and innovative individuals.
For further information on how to get a work experience placement with AJT Equipment, please contact us on 01384 482848 or email us on [email protected]